Air Cooled Condenser


Air cooled condensers also known as A-Frame type Condenser, used for thermal power plants like combined cycle, concentrated solar, coal, biomass, and waste to energy. These power plants, which are equipped with ACCs, do not require large volume of cooling water, the power plants can easily be built in a region where water may not be available, or expensive or restricted.

An air cooled condenser (ACC) is a direct dry cooling system where steam is condensed inside air-cooled finned tubes

Design & Engineering Advantage

  • Experienced and qualified engineering team for customization of Thermal designs and Mechanical designs to meet project specification with guaranteed performance.
  • In-house engineering facility
    • HTRI
    • FE Pipe / Nozzle Pro
    • Creo
    • STAAD*
    • ANSYS*
    • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)


Draft Type Forced Draft
Bundle Configuration Angular
Headers Plug type / Removable Cover type
Tube to Tubesheet joint Expanded / Seal Welded / Strength Welded
Fin tube Extruded
Fan Driven Motor
Fan Configuration Horizontal
Temperature Control Auto variable speed fans / Variable pitch fans
Transmission Gear Box / Belt / Direct Drive
With all instruments
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